Thursday, February 17, 2011

mark bradford at the ica

colleen and i went to the ica the other day and checked out the mark bradford exhibit. looking them out online didn't do these paintings justice (as it rarely does.) they we're big mixed media pieces, gel mediums bubbling up under arcrylic paint,cut paper and torn tape. ropes laid down painted over and ripped back hands on visceral shit i can relate to. many of the end results look like arial photography on cities. big abstracts, go see em' out, good thing to do on a cold day. who knows, maybe instead of saying "i coulda done that" you will go home and do it! (click his name and look at some of the other work)

"dissapearing like a dope feind"

"black venus"

Monday, February 7, 2011

the cold (and the hot!)

the fantastic mr. frozen

bambi gets a drink of water.

did you see "about last night"?
photo's-courtesey of muzzey (gracias)