Monday, March 29, 2010

photo - muzzey

new romantics


heard from serges he's out in san fran, 
probably killin' and smillin', thats all that guy seems to do....
nate legsdin sent over some photos for a possible eb project we're workin on,
poached this one - fs/ts manchester n.h.
thanx nathan

bk was the last drummer featured in our old basement...hatch st r.i.p.

the right idea

we need a place to play....fuck. think this florida spot was warm?


t.v. .....takin it to em'....sup baby!
rumors abound about will nutter gettin hammers
at the rivier rail....footy on lock. nice.
photos - toby

photo - The Inside Source

first pro model i eva had

sucks so good

oh it gets WAY worse then these buttas...
photos - rat tail

fun time w/shitzo!

photos - The Secret Weapon

Thursday, March 25, 2010

one man team DUG MORE!

chillin at hellgate... sooo good.
the Inside Source talked to dug and he's down. the only team rider on bloodmobile wheels.
i could go on and on, but EVERYONE already knows. everything you need all wrapped into one.
 one of the most important east coast skateboarders in history. do your homework. respect is due.
always skating, always building, always on the road, always fucking rockin' out, always blowing minds.

thanx dug.
photos - xeno

tim nichols is the fucking man.

'nough said.
photo - nandez


haffa has been on a visibly steady progression now for awhile 
from whipple, to eb, to beantown, to zoo york, haffa is on point, doin his own thing. killing it.
love the lifestyle shot.... yeah haffa.
photos - bk (brian kelley)