Thursday, December 2, 2010

indy trucks at belmar"s

muzzey, keeping up appearances, sent over a couple photo's of the indy sesh at belmar's bowl. they're celebrating twenty years of roundwall goodness. check preston's vid on thrasher wall to wall legend status....holmes, ngoho, and nash pictured here, still killing after all these years. great fucking photos! checks in the mail muzz....heal up.


The Source sent over this picture of willis kimball doin a backside air for obvious reasons. look at the hip! thats a real backyard pool homie. fuckin a! lookin effortless...he mention, as an interesting side note, that his father curt was an old school badlands ripper, check him at baldy. then check the doubles.
willis photo-rhino? the other two i poached.

indoor survival

those of us living in the north country experience serious limitations on our skating come winter. hogan checked in from portland (or. not me.) with his winter solution. looks steep! and fun...nods to his nashua roots with the green and white tile. fucking rad.

butters sings the classics!

just in time for the holidaze......
bloodmobile recording artist butters will be releasing a holiday pudcast of himself singing all your classic rock faves!
track list includes...
foxey lady!
brown eyed girl!
obla di obla drunk!
down on the corner!
and of course, sympathy for the devil.
the ceo's masterminded this slick production after a drunk under age butters sang and repeatedly asked for free samples at the beer works the other night. the bartender was from dracut so it was all good...she knew brace (and all the other idiot savants we know and love from dwacut.)
full spread and satchelized stereo dynamic sound.

ladies room

a little expose' on the art inside the ladies room at the nashua garden......

$2 pbr pounders tonight at 9.

photos-rachael hapenney