Tuesday, June 22, 2010


go skateboarding

fix the metal
kieth powers b/d
tyler vickery tn/a
jon green bs/ts
photos - chuck goss
fucking awesome day....EVERYONE came out.
big up to all the skate crews, look around you, shit is rad.
more to come soon...

Monday, June 21, 2010


brian jonestown massacre
paradise rock club 6/4/10
good show, 8 guys in the line-up now...
some of them are o.g. (back in the band), playin nothing but the classics.
good to see joel up there...
dead meadow
middle east (down) 6/9/10
i would say under a hundred people came....(a wed. night)
too bad for the band these guys are cool.
photo - fiske
(not pictured here, r. greene and nikkles)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

locals only.


palm st. barrier - r.i.p.

the nashua crew killed it on this one.
dead end spot and a good barrier.
a central location that made it a hit while going
from one spot to the next. REAL fun.
it lasted about a week.
and then it was just gone. no barrier, no rubble,
( me and my monkey)
photo - bones

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

rc sound

1969 SUNN 200S tube bass head

1971 SUNN 215S folded horn enclosure with one 1970 15" Fender D140F speaker
(Entwistle) and one 1971 15" Altec Lansing 421 speaker (Noel Redding)

1973 SUNN tube Studio PA

AMPEG 2-15

AMPEG 4-12
1980 Ludwig 9-ply 26" x 16" bass drum

1971 Ludwig  3-ply 20" floor tom

1973 Ludwig 3-ply 14" x 10" snare drum

1970 Ludwig Ghost pedal
they don't make em' like they used too...
courtesy of ratt tail

scrawled in blood

the neighbor works on venus de milo
photo - don wrinkles