Wednesday, April 28, 2010

indoor living

the boston heads had a little warm spot this winter.
The Sarge during the deep freeze.
fs s/f
photos - xeno
thanx boys

dig it! courtesy of bones

fooled around and fell in love...

joel and liz got engaged in st. lucia!
they're on the GOOD list.
congrats, luv you guys...
photos - fiske

sauce blog

pod has been sending the sauce east to us for awhile
now..... great zine, great photos, and of course, great pools. 
like this one, stolen from their new blog.....fuckin a!
the amoeba in pheonix r.i.p.
i'd like to live to see this day.....

ratchet and jay-c

so zeke has got a bunch of new shapes....
3 out of 5 pictured here
and in his infinite wisdom he hooked up a local ripper in between board sponsors
with a crispy nugget of newness...
always a good call.
jay clement.... photo - legsdin

Monday, April 19, 2010

"right down on the left, the fence is open, my buddy was almost getting tailslide on the loveseat!"
that was friday, this is sunday, 5 min. after the conversation. beautiful shape though...

he did bring this photo of new park down, out of the darkroom not the compucheat....
however i shot it quick with my cam instead of scanning so i guess that negates the whole thing...?
photo - jakimczyk

i fear death
i just wanna groove
i just wanna live
i got so much to do
i need time
i like the way i live
and not to lose it all
i have so much to give


Fleshpress V. Conan from Joel Kolley on Vimeo.
this came through as a link from a cult follower...can't find jk's blog yet , but we will. keep your eyes peeled toward future links of heaviness....

Sunday, April 18, 2010


colin, nick, flavor flav, ryan,ej,and rolls
4/16@5 drangons nashua nh 
for reals.
photo - greenwood


self portrait 
study for a kitchen mural....
more wine and trees please.
art - nikki p

guttas and billy do cali

f/s rock-venice


medico por favor
locals only

dinner at che gilly!
the bugler says it all...
i love a broke road trip!
photos - gill, butt, hippie....
washington st. ??? 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


o.k., this is long over due. Justin Cross, a photographer friend of ours (and an old school nashua skate head) basically did our first wheel graphic for us (for free).  jolly and justin got together at least a half dozen times (many of them without any of the ceo's involvement) to take the "neighbors'" painting (also donated for free) and "swirl" the graphic which, was originally vertical in shape, and size it for the wheel template. NOW, j.b. is meticulous, to say the least, and we wanted the graphic to look like the original painting, not some rehashed digitized bullshit. justin showing infinite computer skills and patience made it happen beautifully.
sooooo, in appreciation we put together a new whip for him.....

creepshow Mike Rheault deck (artwork by jolly boring) eastern boarder ltd thunders and of course, bloodmobile eternal returns.
the icing on the cake....custom grip job by our buddy ron higgins (remember the old man on the mountain skull drawing from EARLier posts?), yeah, that guy....
can you feel the love?
(hit all these links, check justins' portfolio his shit is pro-tite son. (i'll get him to forward some less professional shit over...nudies maybe! OLD nashua skate photos! ect. believe me he's been at it
foreva.....thanx justin.
click ron too check what he does, speaking of pro, stone work your rich mom would die for...
plus justin took the photos and helped him build his site (for free).
big up to creepshow john gallagher for puttin rhealt on.....
photos - Justin Cross

fence 50/50 fakie? goofy nosepick to fake out on the ledge?
or just not go...?
nice try squaresy.
photos - j-son

competitive drinkin

beruit table...ahh college.
photo - creeps